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Golf America is a production of Hunter Southwest, based in Cape Coral, Florida.

Meet The Team

We're an award-winning weekly television show based in Cape Coral with a passion for creating innovative programming for high-end demos. We work with golf-related businesses across the entire spectrum.

“Alan – you and your crew are both talented AND very professional, that’s a rare trait kind sir!”

Andrew WardManaging Partner
Alan Hunter
Executive Producer, Host

Alan Hunter

Alan is an award-winning broadcaster.

He began his career in radio, both as an on-air talent and in various management positions for a number of different stations. His television background features positions both behind and in front of the camera. He has worked in several key markets, including San Juan, Puerto Rico, Chicago, San Antonio, and Phoenix.

In 2004, Alan created and produced the weekly series Golf Southwest TV, and 2005 went on to produce and host Golf America Television Show.

Mindi Boysen
Golf Fitness Coach

Mindi Boysen

Mindi is a Level III certified Titleist Performance Institute trainer, Level III TPI Junior Coach, TPI Power Coach and owner of Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!

She helps people and golfers of all ages add years to their golfing life and life to their later golfing years!

Golf And So Much More

Award-winning Golf America not only showcases golf courses unlike any other television program, but it also highlights every part of this great game.

Want to advertise on Golf America, or would you like your club featured on our show? Contact Alan Hunter, Executive Producer.


Innovate each project with no exceptions.

We are story tellers and professional broadcasters.


Always over-deliver to our clients.

It is all about the visuals.


Produce content to inspire people.

Our show is about your course, your club, and no gimmicks.